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ROME, ITALY - Yater's PLANT FOR OUR FUTURE selected among 17 international artists for exhibition

I received an email from Rome today inquiring if I will be present at the gallery opening in December. Unfortunately, I do not plan to attend.

Included in this international exhibition are the works of 17 artists.

Borna Bursac, Chiara Ferrin, Dan Farnum, Forest Kelley, Huseyin Guler, James Bryan, John Harrison, Kylo-Patrick Hart, Leonardo Fiori, Marthanna Yater, Oliver Mansell, Patricia Abreu, Pietro Gardoni, Vigmantas Balevičius, Yi Le, Yichen Zhou, Yuquan Duan

Progress. On Contemporary and Future Society

Curated by LoosenArt.

MILLEPIANI GALLERY Via N. Odero, 13 Rome, Italy


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