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THE FENCE - Yater in top 100

The world's largest outdoor photography exhibition series is coming to Durham, NC

CLICK Photography Festival and the FENCE partnered to celebrate our region's winning photographers who placed amongst the top of the thousands of submitters to United Photo Industries' FENCE 2017:

National winner, top 41 worldwide: Lori Vrba

Top 100 world-wide:

* Bryce Lankard * Chris Ogden * Gesche Wuerfel * Joe Lipka * Leah Sobsey * Marthanna Yater * Sarah Dale * Shawn Rocco * Warren Hicks

THE FENCE - On view from August 18 - December 2017

THE FENCE, Marthanna Yater, Durham


  • Durham was awarded as the 6th City to host the largest photography public art project in the world, along with Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Santa Fe, and Denver.

  • 4 million+ people will see the exhibit and publicity for Durham around the country.

  • Durham’s dedication will be September11th, Friday at 4pm across from City Hall.

  • Photographs are printed on a high quality vinyl banner and displayed across from City Hall, down Mangum to Parrish and up Orange Street.

  • The open-air show will be up through November 2017, and then travel around NC.

  • Photographers submitted a set of 5 images relating to a category: Creatures, Food,

Home, Nature, People, Play, Streets.

  • The work was juried by an internationally acclaimed panel of judges, including seven

from the Triangle.

  • 48 photographers were chosen nationally to appear on all 7 cities’ fences.

  • 9 more photographers were chosen for a special Triangle Region section of the FENCE.


The full list of internationally acclaimed judges is available at Included on the jury were our esteemed regional jurors as well...

Alexa Dilworth, Publishing and Awards Director / CDS Books Senior Editor, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

Brandon Cordery, Executive Director of VAE Raleigh and a Working Artist Frank Konhaus, Director of Cassilhaus, Curator, and Photography Collector Larry Wheeler, Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art and Photography Collector Michael Itkoff, Artist and Cofounder of Fabl and Daylight Books Roger Manley, Director of NC State University’s Gregg Museum of Art & Design Sarah Schroth, Director of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University


  • Brought to you by Durham’s Public Art Committee of the Cultural Advisory Board.

  • The FENCE consists of photographs printed on premium photographic white vinyl mesh by a world-class printer who does Apple's banners, Macy's day parade, etc.). The special mesh, proven over the last 5 years, is woven tightly enough for good photo reproduction fidelity (in color and black/white), but loosely enough that wind passes through (ie, no semi-circle wind vent cut outs are needed).

  • The fences range from 4'-6' high and about 600-1200' long. Grommets are installed in the vinyl to allow the banner to be zip-tied to a supporting chain link fence (usually leased for the installation). A special green privacy backing is included to prevent light bleeding through from the back.

  • The FENCE will be installed in Durham’s city center, across from City Hall, making a “U” (going down Magnum Street, crossing the park, and up Orange street). It will be installed August 18th and removed around the end of November.

  • Each juried photographer's series of images will be printed on their own section of fence, in their juried category, along with their name, website URL, bio, and an artist statement. It's like having a mini-portfolio seen by 4 million plus people.

  • Photos for the FENCE are juried via a 40 to 60 person international, and regional, jury pool. Just by submitting, photographers work is seen by some very impressive experts (museum directors, gallery owners, book publishers, magazine editors, academics, collectors, reviewers, etc.).

  • Note: once the 2017 FENCE show concludes, there are lots of ideas of what do with the banner afterwards, including traveling to other locations, being upcycled into tote bags by/for charity, being cut into sections and shared with the photographers themselves, semi-permanent installations around town and on construction sites, etc.

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