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At Whitted Bowers Farm in Cedar Gove, NC, Rob, Cheri, and Téa are changing the way we experience food. Their thriving farm practices permaculture design, biodynamic management, and implements a variety of sustainable farming procedures.

Biodynamic farming is designed to continually restore and revitalize the soil. Through careful crop rotation, specially formulated compost, maintenance based on different stages of plant growth, and planting that is driven by celestial happenings per biodynamic methods, ensure that the soil is as cared for as the harvest that comes from it. From pick-your-own certified organic strawberries to late summer's harvest of tomatoes, blueberries, and melons, this farm does more than just provide exceptional produce. It reminds us to nourish the land that nourishes us, that we can live and consume more responsibly, and most importantly….we are what we eat.

For more information visit and visit the farm now to pick your own delicious organic strawberries!

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